Steak Baguette

Steak, onions and gravy on a freshly baked baguette


Steak Burger

4 oz patty, monterey jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, mayo and relish on a brioche bun



Free on any baguette or roll

Tomato ketchup
HP brown
American style mustard
English mustard
Buffalo hot sauce
Burger relish
Chilli & tomato


Can be added to any baguette or roll

Cheese 50p
Coleslaw 50p
Jalepenos 20p
Fried egg 60p
Tattie scone 50p
Bacon £1
Black pudding £1
Haggis +£1
Bacon (2 rashers) +£1
Blue cheese 20p
Dill gherkins +£1
Shredded brisket +£1.50
Peppercorn sauce +50p

Breakfast Rolls

Choose your fillings

Bacon, lorne, link sausages black pudding, haggis

Single morning roll £1.70
Double morning roll £2.70
Breakfast baguette
Two fillings £3.00

Hot Drinks

Americano £1.80 £2.50
Latte £2.00 £2.80
Cappuccino £2.00 £2.80
Mocha £2.00 £2.80
Flat white £2.20
Hot chocolate £2.00 £2.80
Tea £1.00
Syrup 50p